Dear Voter,

   Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me, I really appreciate you looking at my website.  Obviously, the issues facing our state are varied and complicated and I in no way want you to think they can be discussed thoroughly here. Rather, I am hoping this can be an introduction to an interactive dialogue with you that continues beyond this campaign.


Pennsylvania’s 60,000 farms are critical to the economy of our state, as well as the entire nation. Growing food is an essential part of our physical health, and I will work towards supporting our farmers just as they support us.


There are too many federal regulations and our business and commerce. I want to let the nation and the world know that Pennsylvania is open for business and will not be impeded by the bureaucratic red tape that does not meet the unique needs of our state.

Criminal Justice

Our criminal justice system is failing, and I will work for reforms that train and rehabilitate offenders whenever possible rather than draining our tax dollars on non-productive incarceration.

Citizens United and Campaign Finance Reform

I believe that government should be for and by the people, not just by those with great financial wealth. I will work towards eliminating our current pay-to-play system manipulated by Super PACs so that ideas, innovations, relationships, and communities can shape the decisions that will impact our future.


I believe decisions for our children’s education are best made by families and communities. I will work to return decisions on schooling to local school boards where they belong so that all schools are able to provide students with the tools they need to succeed.  Our children’s futures should not be compromised by Washington agendas and arbitrary testing companies.


I believe that there is a delicate balance between making the most of our natural resources for economic development and preserving those resources for future generations. I will make common sense decisions that will protect our traditions of hunting, fishing and hiking without sacrificing the jobs that enable families to enjoy outdoor activities.


I believe the best government is a small government. I will work to make sure Pennsylvanians are able to live their lives free from excessive and unnecessary interference from Washington and Harrisburg. I will work to ensure that individual liberties are not compromised by the agendas of partisan politics and big government interests.


I believe in the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. I will work to protect the right of every law-abiding Pennsylvanian to own firearms responsibly.

Higher Education

I believe that Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of excellent educational opportunities. I will work to make sure we are able to offer high quality affordable post-secondary academic education, as well as labor and trade training. Our educational system needs to be accessible to all, in a thriving business environment that attracts students through internships and apprenticeships and retains graduates with jobs.

Public Assistance and Homelessness

I believe that every member of society is important; no one should be left behind or feel forgotten. I will work to ensure Pennsylvania’s public support programs are easily accessible by those in need and not exploited by those who are not.


I believe that taxpayers know how to best save and spend their income. I will work to reduce wasteful government spending so that hard earned money stays in worker’s wallets not in the government’s coffers.

Trade and Strategic Partnerships

I believe that Pennsylvania’s economy will be strengthened through interstate and international trade. I will be an ambassador on the world stage to attract businesses that will create jobs and encourage innovation and economic growth.


I believe that an excellent and efficient transportation infrastructure is critical to growing and sustaining business in Pennsylvania. I will work to increase the role of private business in transportation and to end the onerous government regulations that inhibit advancement. Quality infrastructure is critical to interstate commerce, public safety and connection and our current roads, bridges, airports and railways are not up to the standards we deserve.